Fuel Island Fire Suppression

fuel-island.jpgNY State requires that all gasoline fuel dispensing islands be protected by an overhead fire suppression system. The systems we install are designed to assist occupants in evacuating parked vehicles that may be subjected to fire due to spilled fuel in the area of a protected service station. This unique hazard has many environmental and physical variables that effect the fire suppression. Some of these variables include unusual wind or weather conditions, spills or ignition sources beyond the protected area and large vehicles in the discharge pattern. See what can happen during a gas station fire.

All systems are pre-engineered and modular so that they can fit almost every application. Each system is designed specifically for the hazard being protected. Dispenser location, hose length and canopy height are just a few of the issues that can effect the design of a system. In cases where there is no canopy, we will fabricate and install a support system. Contact us for more details.

Gas Station Fire

Don’t think a fire can happen at the gas pump? Click the picture to see how fast it can happen.


*Please note that the station did not have a fire suppression system.

Modern Automobile fueling areas are designed with high-speed self-service pumps, enabling customers to fuel their vehicles faster than ever before. However, the same modern equipment that makes fueling quick and easy also makes the fueling area more susceptible to fire.

Accidents Do Happen

Customers might drive away without returning the nozzle to the pump or use the nozzle incorrectly resulting in a spill. Modern high-volume pumps can discharge a large quantity of flammable liquid onto the fueling area very quickly. Burning cigarettes, running engines, sparks and other heat sources can ignite the flammable liquids and/or vapors very quickly.